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For people who don't know, "Fanlore is a multi-authored website that any fan can easily contribute to. We want to record both the history and current state of our fan communities - fan works, fan activities, fan terminology, individual fans and fannish-related events."  The quote is lifted directly from the Fanlore site, itself.  AO3 and Fanlore are part of the same project of a dedicated group of people determined to do everything they can to preserve everything fandom related.

The reason I'm bringing this up, is that Clex has a page on Fanlore, but it's very skimpy.  I'd love to beef it up, but since I came into the pairing so late, I thought I'd see if there were any who've been around from the beginning, or the early days, that wanted to help.  I need the comms, authors, artists, videos, etc. that you think should be mentioned as very important to the Clex pairing.  What are the stories you consider must-reads and why?  Anything else you feel should be included?  I don't feel qualified to write about how their relationship gained popularity and momentum since I wasn't around for that, but I can at least make it more substantial than it is at the moment.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
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It's time for a Character Appreciation post! First character up is Clark. :)

(cap by [livejournal.com profile] acampbell)

Under the cut is a Clark poll to get us started. ;D Have some fun with it, and then in this post, share your favorite Clark things! Thoughts about Clark, Icons, Pics, Fics, ... whatever you'd like to share. :) (Just stay within seasons 1-3.)

It's a poll about Old School Clark. ^___^ )


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