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What with all the kerflunkle about LJ and all, I've made an old school over on Dreamwidth and am in the process of importing all the old posts from before to there. We don't use this site much anymore... but it's still a good history of everything. So if you'd like to go to DW and join there too... :)

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It's time for a Character Appreciation post! First character up is Clark. :)

(cap by [livejournal.com profile] acampbell)

Under the cut is a Clark poll to get us started. ;D Have some fun with it, and then in this post, share your favorite Clark things! Thoughts about Clark, Icons, Pics, Fics, ... whatever you'd like to share. :) (Just stay within seasons 1-3.)

It's a poll about Old School Clark. ^___^ )
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Currently, there are 14 wonderful recs for food themed stories. If you haven't yet, go check out the fics! It's a wonderful way to spend some time. Thank you to those who recommended them. :)

As we continue in our love of the Old School Clex, it's time for new banners and promotion of our community. The incredibly talented [livejournal.com profile] ctbn60 has made 14 banners for us to choose from. I, for one, am finding it really hard to narrow down the choices, because they're all gorgeous! Happy, happy Clex, indeed. ;D

The voting for the community banner is going to stay up for one week, concluding next Sunday, March 6, at 6pm PST. We're going to use the number one banner for the header, and the next two runner-ups for promotional banners.

Vote for *three* of the following banners that you'd like to see as the new community header.

14 incredible Clexy banners to vote on )
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{waves hi to everybody}

Smallville might be on it's 10th and final season on tv, but to many of us, the first few seasons were really the best. Clark was young and learning, Lex wanted to be good and reject his father's learnings, and the Clex made us sit up and take notice. ^^

When the awesome and wonderful Hils first started this comm six years ago, it was an interactive comm based around the early seasons of Smallville, and the Clexiness there within. There were episode discussions, fiction contests, comment fics, and more, in addition to being open to the community to post announcements about any Old School fic, icons, or such.

We're going to hopefully return to some of that early interactiveness, if you all want to. :) I do know that not everybody likes meta, or writes fic, or makes art, but we do all like the Clex, so I want to try and find things that we can all do together, and have fun with it. To that end, a poll! What would you like to do?

[Poll #1705959]


Oct. 19th, 2010 05:47 pm
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Due to the amount of spam messages being posted on this community I am switching to moderated posting until things settle down. I'm online pretty regularly so you shouldn't have to wait any longer than 24 hours for a post to be approved

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I feel like I have been a little neglectful of this comm recently and it's my intention to put that right. We've been running for over two years now and have over 250 members/watchers which is absolutley fantastic!

You've all been wonderful about keeping things on topic and playing nicely so I thank you for that

What I've decided to do is just tidy things up a little by introducing tags so you'll see those popping up in the coming weeks. I'll do an announcement when everything is in place

I'm also guaging interest to see if anyone wants to work as co-mod with me, just to keep an eye on things and help with the tagging. Drop me a comment if you're interested and let me know if you have previous modding experience


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